DinsyLime & Lemon

Flavour & IntensityDinsy lemon flavour will rejuvenate the body and eliminate the tiredness. Refreshingly tasty, it provides the daily needed goodness of vitamin C.

Dinsy is a special combination of added flavor that is filled with Vitamin C's goodness. Enjoy this wonderful refreshingly drinks with friends and family.

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Delish and Truly Refreshing

A carbonated strong and exotic drink that offers refreshes taste buds with its sweets and citrus flavors.

The soft drink with a fresh, pleasant taste that offers the perfect refreshment for relaxation.

The flavor that started it all — classic, fresh, a crisp taste which is 100 percent natural flavors, free of caffeine. Enjoy the traditional drinking sensation.

  • less sugar 0 gm
  • energy 0 kcal
  • fat 0gm

Available in

Five versions of the soft-drink are available. Pick according to your wishes. Purchase from 2 ltr box, 600 ml, 250 ml bottle and 250 ml can.