About us

With a humble beginning, Saamag was founded in 1995 as a trading company in New Delhi (India), conceived as an all-encompassing community symbolizing dedication and honesty to any practice.

Saamag has redefined success in the last twenty years and more, generating unrivaled value in the transportation, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, beverages and pharmaceuticals domains.

Saamag's journey is the story of a team guided by human values & intent to enhance quality lifestyle and develop on faith and customer satisfaction in process building.

As among the top beverage businesses in the country, Saamag group offers consumers a wide range of healthy, affordable, high quality, and refreshing drinks. The company has developed an unparalleled portfolio of beverages at its state-of - the-art bottling plant in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh, that includes Campa and the newly launched brand SD and Dinsy.

With a large network of over a million retail outlets, the company and its bottling partners catered for the needs of millions in India and emerged as the preferred option. The company offers energy-efficient and environmentally friendly plants that are specially built to produce power for various industrial purposes while satisfying its products 'ever-increasing demand.